When you sign up & order, we assume you already understand and accept the following.


When one of the following situations happened, we have the right to stop or cancel your right of use. 


a.       The information you provide is not real 您所提供的個人資料不真實

b.      You violate any one of the rules mention below 您違反以下條款任何一項

使用條款 Rule of use

a.       When you sign up for membership, you should provide real information, and update your information whenever there is a change. 當您申請會員時, 您必須向我們提供準確的資料, 有任何變動時也須即時更新

b.      You should not share, give, or rent your account/password to others. If you think your account is hacked or stole by other, you should inform us immediately. We do not bear the responsibility if you failed to protect your account/password. 您不應將帳號密碼與他人分享或轉讓他人. 若您發現帳號遭他人非法侵入使用, 您須第一時間通知我們. 因您的保管疏失而造成的損失, 我們將不承擔任何責任


我們有權隨時修改此條款 We have the right to modify at anytime.